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REDUCE the appearance of wrinkles and crow’s feet
ENHANCE appearance of healthy, new radiant skin
DIMINISH look of discoloration & uneven skin tone

Hydroxatone® is your answer to a younger looking complexion. Tired of wasting hours trying to cover up those frustrating wrinkles every single day?
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"You know I felt really young, but my face made me not feel so young. I had a lot of wrinkles and lines. I would not give up on Hydroxatone. It has made me feel youthful, it has made me feel great... and that is the one thing I have just lacked. I was a skeptic and now I am a believer!"
- Jacqueline***

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I’ve been using this product for over 2 years. Morning and night. Both my husband and I have noticed a difference in my face. I'm very fair and my skin is sensitive, but I like the AM/PM best-not the one for sensitive skin. It is very gentle. I would very highly recommend this product to any woman who wants to keep her skin in the best shape possible.


"When I got divorced the stress took its toll on my skin and I started using Hydroxatone. The other day a guy in his twenties asked me for my number...well I had to show him a picture of my kids to prove that I have two teen-agers!" - Melanie *

PRODUCT ......

I Believe it works fast, as long as you use it. I sleep on my Left side so my crows feet are more noticeable here, But since starting this product I have seen a big difference in appearance very much less noticeable. I Use it under my makeup a.m. and alone p.m for bedtime ... My eyes look brighter in the morning.


Been using Hydroxatone for about 5 months and so far it does a great job of hydrating my skin. Definitely feels smoother and less dry. I did find that if I use it 2x a day my skin get a bit oily, however.

REDUCE the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet
ENHANCE appearance of healthy, new radiant skin
DIMINISH look of discoloration & uneven skin tone

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User Study

Hydroxatone AM/PM Broad Spectrum SPF 15 was tested at an outside independent clinical testing facility. The study was carried out on 30 female panelists, between the ages of 42-63 years old, showing presence of mild/moderate/severe wrinkles around the eye and forehead areas. A minimum of 50% of subjects showed the presence of mild/moderate/severe skin redness or uneven skin tone on their face. The clinical was carried out for a two month time period between November, 2012 and January, 2013. Product effectiveness was evaluated on all subjects using standard bioinstrumentation to measure firmness and elasticity of the facial skin as well as clinical photography for visual evaluation of wrinkles in the eye and forehead areas, skin tone/radiance and skin redness. Evaluations were done at baseline, as well as week 4 and week 8 post treatment by an trained expert clinician. In addition, all subjects completed a self-assessment questionnaire addressing consumer perception at baseline, week 4 and week 8 post treatment. The data used in the statistical analysis reflect changes from baseline. All results were calculated, verified and reported by the clinical testing facility.